FAQs Summer 2024

2024 FAQs

In-Person Camp

Please select the one you prefer for most or all of the summer. This will allow us to plan for properly for both our camp programs.  If you change your mind at any time, just call your camp registrar and they will make the switch for you.

To plan a medically safe camp, we have been working with a Medical Task Force made up of a select group of pediatric oncologists and infectious disease specialists and developed protocols designed to protect your children and the camp community.

Each Horizon Day Camp has a private, air-conditioned Wellness Center and is supported by a medical director, on-site pediatric oncology nurses and physicians on call.  Most medications can be easily administered and ample indoor areas are provided for children to just “cool down.” In the unlikely event of an emergency during the camp day, rapid transportation by ambulance is provided. 

Horizon Day Camp is within driving distance of its local communities and surrounding areas. We encourage parents to drive their children to and from camp, in order to keep them in the most comfortable environment. We do offer bus transportation from hub locations should personal transport not be possible.

Yes. We will identify and train all families in using the health screening app we have selected. If you are traveling to camp by bus, you will need to remain at the bus stop with your child until he/she has been checked in by the bus counselor and their daily screening reviewed. If arriving at camp by car, all occupants will remain in the car until your child’s health screening has been reviewed and approved.

One of the great advantages of day camps is that children can bring their own yummy lunches from home, so they never have to wonder about what’s on the menu for that day (of course, we’ll refrigerate it). But that’s all they need to bring, since we provide several snacks during the day as well as juice and other drinks whenever needed. Need something special? No problem! Just let us know and we’ll get it. In our commitment to provide a safe environment for all children, our camps are nut-aware facilities, meaning that we will not knowingly serve any foods with nuts and we request that all parents do the same.

Horizon Day Camp is staffed by counselors, specialists, assistants, and volunteers, ages 16+ specially trained prior to the camp’s opening. Our camps’ on-site Directors have extensive experience with children and camping, and our staff-to-camper ratio often exceeds 1:4, assuring that every need of our campers are accommodated. All of our staff comes from many different backgrounds, with one common goal: to make their time with our children the happiest it can be. After their experience at our camps, many of our counselors choose a new or decide to change their career goals to health-related fields.

We want you to be partners with us in the care of your child. As always, we will offer a parent orientation, which this year may be virtual.  We will review the general camp program, and both our longstanding and new protocols for Summer 2024. We will also provide this to you in writing.

It’s important for you and your child(ren) to be comfortable at our campgrounds.  Depending on the individual camp and facility availability, we will either be offering socially distanced tours – one family at a time – or a guided virtual visit to our facility.

FAQs Virtual Camp

Just like our in-person camps, our SunriseVX (Virtual eXperience) will be a dynamic, engaging and live interactive virtual summer camp designed for your child’s age group and interests, all hosted by our creative and dynamic camp staff.  There will be a diverse choice of age-specific and all-age activities and experiences offered at different times of the day.

As we get closer to the opening day of virtual camp, we will send you all the information needed to access the program, including a schedule of events.  If you checked off permission to contact your child directly, they will get a copy of everything as well.  And knowing how busy life can be at times, we’ll be sending out reminders during the summer so that your child doesn’t miss any of our exciting activities and programs.

Should you wish to switch your child to in-person camp, please contact the camp registrar.  The registrar will provide you with the additional application packet required for your child to be in attendance at camp, including a physician health form, all of which we will need that will need completed prior to your child’s attending.  If you’re currently leaning towards virtual camp but think that you might want to make a switch during the summer, we strongly suggest that you secure a date for your child’s medical check-up soon, as not having a current medical form will delay your child’s acceptance into camp.  Your camp registrar can provide a form for you to have filled out, just in case your plans change.  Please know that there is a minimum 3-day wait after we receive your child’s additional registration forms before he/she may attend our in-person camp. This allows us to make all the proper transportation and group arrangements for your child, and for our medical staff to review their forms.

SunriseVX offers pre-recorded content in addition to live programs. Go to the Sunrise Association’s YouTube Channel, or download our Sunrise Studios App on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, phone or tablet, to access hundreds of pre-recorded activities for them to watch, participate in and enjoy. If you need assistance, just contact your camp registrar.”